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OMG! is the perfect ball for bowlers looking to add an aggressive big hooking ball to their arsenal. The OMG! F84 shell is the most aggressive AMF shell to date and is wrapped around the half-metrical core used in the Shredder and Shred/IT, with a higher RG and lower Differential.






Attributes Tech Specs
Coverstock: F84   Wt       RG    Diff
Color: Purple/Black   16   2.504   0.046  
Finish: 1,000 Abralon      15   2.520   0.044
Core Type: Symmetric   14   2.540   0.043
Sku# 1707-10   13   2.560   0.043
Available Wts:      12-16 lb.   12   2.630   0.028






Drill Sheet Ad Magic-8